There’s some times as a photographer that I get asked if taking pictures gets old. My answer would be a resounding no! I see every session as an adventure… or better yet a puzzle. It’s a big puzzle that I get to put together. I have my client, my location, the lighting, my equipment, and my brain. I love being able to take all of the pieces to put them together. The puzzle never has clear instructions, but the goal is to give my client photos I can be proud of, and they can cherish for a lifetime.

Take my session with Mrs. Celeste for instance, I had never met her before and had to get to know her quickly in order to have her personality come through in the photos. I was in a photographer’s paradise as I drove through the neighborhood and seeing row after row of gorgeous houses. I would be lying if I say I don’t get at least a little bit nervous before every session as I go through all of the steps in my head of making sure I give my clients the best I can offer. Once it’s time for a session though, it’s like all of that worrying clicks off, and I work off of instinct. I love flowing with a client. Celeste was the best. She would give me suggestions, I would make suggestions, and we tried many different options for this session. It’s fun being able to talk to someone and learn about them in order to make these images. This session was doubly fun because I had my awesome mama with me to help with lighting and spotting things that needed to be fixed before a photo.