If there was ever a time when someone could document a photo session while I was taking photos, it would have been this one. What you see are photos of an adorable little Miss Eleanor. What you don’t see is right behind my shoulder sitting on the ground nearby was her mother, unable to pick up her child or help with the session like we had done many other sessions before. I wish more than anything that I had taken pictures of Leah during this session. One of the last sessions we had before this, Leah did everything and was super involved. She would move Eleanor, jump in a pool just for us to get ‘the shot,’ etc. What was different about this one? Why was she not as involved? Leah had a stroke not too long before this session. Did she cancel the session? Nope. She wanted to make sure her baby girl had her one year pictures. If there’s one thing that Eleanor gets from her mom, I hope it’s her tenacity. She never gives up. She never quits. As much as I know it killed her to take a back seat in this session, we got it done. So Leah, when your little girl grows up to be a spitfire… don’t get frustrated. She gets it honest and is following in your footsteps, which doesn’t seem like too shabby of a path to follow.