Dear Eleanor,
Love your mother always because she sacrificed her body for you. Appreciate her always because she sacrificed her health for you. Hug her always because she sacrificed her days & nights for you.

That’s what I wrote on my first post from this session. To the outside world, photos are pretty and enjoyable to look at as you’re scrolling through posts. To a family, their sessions are memories. They’re not just memories of setting up poses or even their photographer accidentally locking herself out of her car during the session. Instead, they’re memories of what all it took to get to this point. They’re memories of meeting their child for the first time. They’re memories of first finding out they were pregnant. They’re memories of the struggles the pregnancy had with it. Ultimately, they’re memories of a miracle. Eleanor, you’re already a fighter. You’re already a winner. You’re already tougher than you even know, and you have two parents in your corner whose love knows no limits for you.