There’s a bit of a backstory to this session. I was sitting at home in the recliner when I got a text message from Jordon about wanting to propose to Katie. The catch was that he wanted to capture the proposal but didn’t want Katie to be suspicious as to why I was randomly following them around with a camera.

So a plan was hatched. I would contact Katie about setting up a couple’s session the next time she was in town. Jordon made sure all the details were taken care of…. I’m talking about choosing a location, date, making sure her nails were done, getting me the ring to hide in my bag, and even having Jake (my husband) come with us as a lighting guy aka the ring holder.

The day came and it was a bit of a gloomy day. It was cold and acted like it wanted to rain, but everything turned out good for the shoot. We took our few portrait photos as we walked toward the reflection pool where the proposal would take place. I think I was more nervous than Jordon… mainly because I’m absolutely horrible about hiding my facial expressions when I know something.

We finally made it down to the reflection pool. I set up Jordon for a photo where he knew the proposal would be a part of the next photo where I took close up photos of Katie. I got myself into position. Jordon started talking to Katie. Then BOOM!!! I ran out of space on my card. MAJOR FREAK OUT ON MY PART!!! I ran to my bag, switched cards in like -0.03 seconds, and got back to shooting. I know most people wouldn’t know the minor heart attack that I gave myself because I thought I had ruined this moment and months of planning.

After the session, we “decided” we wanted to go get something to eat. All of Jordon and Katie’s friends from the area were already there at a reserved table… just another detail that Jordon had worked out for this amazing day. I think everything turned out great, and it was a Pinterest worthy day. Might I mention that Katie and Jordon got engaged on the same date that Jake and I got engaged. I found that a fun little added bonus.