There’s a little spot of land right in the heart of Alabama I have always called home. It’s where I met my friends, where I learned how to ride my bike, learned what love meant. I did a write up on Facebook of my wedding and the people who were in it. I want to give it a more permanent location to go back to and look at from time to time. We all know that posts on Facebook get buried, and I don’t want that to happen. So here’s the new permanent home.


I want to explain the significance of the venue. As I was looking through different location options, I kept coming back to the thought of getting married in my grandmother’s yard. She has always kept a well-maintained yard, and I’ve always thought it was such a pretty spot… but that’s not why I chose it. I chose it because of all the times I’ve hunted Easter eggs there, all the times I’ve played in the leaves, the snow storm where we all grabbed whatever we could find and sled down the hill aka Montgomery Radiator banners or tops of sandboxes (because Alabama folk aren’t used to snow. So we were not prepared with snow toys). It’s where I learned to ride a bike. More importantly, it’s where I learned that if you wanted something in life then you work hard for it, a place that taught me that your name is all you have and to never tarnish it, a place where I learned respect is earned and not given, it’s a place where I knew that both my heavenly father and my earthly father’s love is unconditional… this place is my safety blanket. I wanted my wedding to be there because of the memories I have already made there and cherish so much. All of this because two amazing people, Jerry and Frances Davies, decided on this land years ago. They raised my dad, aunt, and uncle on this land where they carved their memories and in turn handed them down to the next generation. This land has instilled in me family unity, faith, an unwavering love and trust in the Lord, and what exactly in life is important. We have opened so many Christmas presents in my grandmother and granddaddy’s house, but it’s not the presents I remember. It’s the times we spent on the tire swing outside, seeing how high we could push each other. It’s the family picnics in the yard where everyone on the road would show up to eat and be with one another. It’s the place we huddled during the hard times like losing my granddad. This spot is our anchor. We know no matter what happens, we have each other. Watching this whole wedding come together has shown me once again how unified my family is, and that’s how I want to start this new chapter of my life. My aunts, uncles, cousins, parents, grandparents have all come together with no questions asked to get everything looking great. So while some may see some grass and some trees, I see my whole life and the amazing memories this land has afforded me along with all the love and sacrifice that has gone into it to get Davies Rd where it is today.


Did I think 6 years ago when I first started hanging out with Jake that I would be here today? Yes, absolutely. I met Jake when he started racing in the Alabama State Championship Series of motocross. Bud likes to say that he’s the reason we met, it might be. I don’t really remember. I just remember thinking ‘this guy is real cute.’ So I did what any girl with a crush would do, and I started to focus a lot of my motocross photography on him. Then after the races, I would go tell him I had photos of him that I thought he would like. I then made sure I was at the races I knew he would be racing, which was easy because I was already the photographer for the series. I stalked him for about a year before he asked me to date him. I had told myself when I was little and would visit Gatlinburg that I was going to marry a boy from Tennessee and get married in one of the chapels there. I might not be getting married in the chapel, but I got my Tennessee boy. But why did I decide Jake was the one I wanted to be with forever? It’s because of his heart. I watched how he treated other people. I saw that if anyone asked for help, he was the first there and he never asked for anything in return. I saw how the little riders flocked to him and looked up to him, and then I saw how he took time with them. He never acted like they were a bother. I fell in love with his thoughtfulness. He doesn’t do something just because it’s what is expected. He does things because he wants to. It’s little things like him walking into the house, and saying ‘I know you don’t really like flowers. So I got you this waffle maker.’ That made me happier than any bouquet of flowers, and he knew it would. He’s one of the hardest workers you’ll ever meet. He keeps himself so busy that sometimes I have to remind him that it is ok to take a break. He’s my adventure sidekick. His work and motocross has afforded us the opportunity to travel the country. He’s taken me to see the Grand Canyon, we’ve stood on the corner in Winslow Arizona, drove through route 66, etc. I love our adventures and am excited for the ones to come. I love you Jacob Cole. See you soon.


I’m not really sure if I know a time that I haven’t known Rachel. We went to church together and have lived about a mile from each other our whole lives. We started hanging out a lot in high school. We had a tight group of friends (JCRACK) who basically did everything together. Post high school, Rachel worked for my family’s auto parts store as a delivery driver where I would “help” her with deliveries aka ride around town with her while she worked and I would get a snocone lol. We’ve been inseparable ever since. She’s one of my besties and knows me better than almost anyone. I have always joked that I’m not sure how we became friends or if I just chose her to be my friend and she never put up a fight against it because she’s so anti-confrontational. She’s my sane voice of reason when I’m too in my head or my quick temper flares up. I’ve been told having friends takes work, and I believe that to be true. But our friendship is the type of work that doesn’t feel like work. We make plans such as date night dinners or heading off to Pinterest conventions. Most of our hangouts have always been the same though… I show up at her house and we just hang out. There’s no plan… no set agenda. It’s just fun and effortless being friends with her. I also think that’s why we get along so well because neither of us would stay in a friendship if it was drama… this might also be the reason why we have so few female friends. lol. As time has pushed on, she has grown a family of her own. So I now have a best friend in law, her husband Michael, and a fantastic honorary niece and nephew, who call me Coco. God did not give me any sisters because he knew Rachel would end up being a sister to me, and I definitely couldn’t do life without her. So there’s a little background on my matron of honor.


Kristin was the first friend I made when I started school at Marbury in the 7th grade. Kristin made my transition to a new school absolutely effortless. We were attached at the hip all through high school. After school would let out, you could usually find me at her house. I don’t really know how accurately I could describe how much I love this girl. We live in different states now, but I still talk to her every day if possible. If there was one memory I could choose of us, it would be one of our trips to Disney World. During one of the nights we were there, Kristin was taking a shower. While she was showering, mom and I swapped beds and covered our heads so Kristin wouldn’t notice. Kristin finally finishes showering and decides she’s going to run and jump on me since I was “sleeping.” (Little did she know it was actually my mom). She jumped on mom, I popped up from the other bed, mom pops up from my original bed, Kristin screams and then flips backwards off the bed. Thinking about it makes me cry laughing every single time. That’s basically how our whole friendship has been…constant laughter. Kristin has a way of making every one feel important, and that’s a rare and amazing quality to have in a friend. I love her so much! There are certain people in your life that you refuse to let go, and she’s definitely a forever friend. ❤❤❤


How do I even start with this girl? I have literally known this one her whole life. Danielle is the only blood relative I have in my lineup of bridesmaids. She’s my first cousin. Her mom Toni is my mom’s sister. It is no joke that when she was born, I knew we would be inseparable for life. I absolutely love her with my whole being. There’s just something about Danielle that you just have to love. She’s my sidekick. When we were little, I would take and put her on a towel and drag her all through my grandparents’ house. We have had an uncountable amount of sleepovers at one another’s houses or at our grandparents’. If fate allows both of us to be at our grandmother’s house at the same time, you can find us sitting together at the dinner table or her laid across my lap while I either scratch her back or play with her hair. We even have dual birthday celebrations (even though my birthday is in December and hers is in April). Our Sissy has taken me to a Shakespeare play every year since I was five years old, and it just merged into Danielle adding into the celebration probably around the time she was five. I have never met a person who feels emotions with their whole soul the way she does. If she’s happy, she shakes with excitement. If she’s mad, there’s no hiding it on her face. She’s just completely indescribable. She’s everything positive that this world needs more of in it. It is not shocking that Danielle has become a nurse or goes to Haiti to volunteer. She’s just so caring and thoughtful and always wants people to be ok. She is strong and fierce and loving and compassionate all rolled up into a firecracker. I love her immensely.


Up next on my bridesmaids list is my adventure sidekick, Whitney. Whitney has my heart in so many areas. If there’s ever a time when I feel the need to dance down the aisles of a store, Whitney would be the one right beside me dancing along to the beat. I’ve known Whitney since the 7th grade when I transferred to Marbury. (Yes… half of my bridesmaids are MHS grads. Go Dogs!). lol. Anywho… Whitney and I also both went to The University of Alabama. RTR. I think each stage of life has just made us closer and closer. High school friends, college sidekicks, grad and med school besties, but I think we’ve always been soulmates. We can sit down and have long philosophical talks while on the way to the gym all while planning dinner and dancing. There’s no stopping this chick, and I love how she pushes me to be a better me. I’m extremely thankful and grateful that she’s a part of my life, and there’s never a time that I don’t look forward to seeing her. It’s like Christmas every time I see her. It’s that full-body euphoria of knowing that an adventure is about to begin. So if you see a golden goddess randomly dancing throughout my wedding… that’ll be my Whitney. 😘😘😉


My previous bridesmaid introductions have been all about the past and how much those girls have made an impact on my life because of how present they’ve been in my past. I’m going to take a little different approach with this write up. Emily is my soon to be sister-in-law. She’s the younger sister of my fiance Jake. If there’s something I’ve learned about these two over the past 5+ years of Jake and I dating, it’s that family is important and they are each other’s biggest fans. I’ve seen how loyal they are to each other and the love between them. I’m excited to become a Butler because I will be a new part of this family and will be just as loyal to her as a sister-in-law. We’re becoming family!!! I look forward to how Jake and I, God willing, one day will grow our own family. Emily will be a fantastic aunt to our future kids. I look forward to her infectious laugh, can-do attitude, family loyalty, drive, and determination be something mine and Jake’s future kids look up to. While I haven’t known Emily for as long as the other bridesmaids in my lineup, I have known her for the past 5 years. I haven’t met a single person who doesn’t like Emily… if I do ever meet someone who doesn’t like her then I probably won’t like them. She always has a positive vibe about her, and that’s something that anyone can appreciate. So Emily, I hope I do the Butler name justice. You’ll have to teach me the ropes of being a Butler


And for the grand finale of my bridesmaid introductions is my sister-in-law Heather Davies. Her and my lives decided to cross paths when she decided to fall in mutual weirdness (I mean love) with my brother Bud. It all started with a post it note left on his truck and lead all the way down the road to where we are now. I think Bud and Heather have been together around 6 years now and have been married since March of this year…. but I’ve been calling her my sister in law for years. I just knew by the way Bud talked about her that this relationship was going to stick. I remember one of the first Christmas days she spent with my family. We all went to my grandmother Tanner’s house and were starting to open presents. (Let me just interject here and say we open presents one at a time…and Heather’s cheeks turn bright red at the drop of a hat). Mom and I had gone and bought her some perfumes from Victoria’s Secret and wrapped it in a box from there. As she opens the present, I yell “omg… they bought you underwear? That’s so awkward!” Her cheeks immediately turned red. I died laughing. (You really do have to have thick skin in this family. We always pick on each other). She’s also my fellow craft lover. I joke with Bud that I’ve taken her on her best date ever when we spent the day going to Hobby Lobby, Panera, Michael’s, and then Sweet Frog. Lol. I can’t wait until the day that I become aunt to little Aruba Turk Davies 😂. She fits in so well with our family. I’ve told her many times that she deserves a medal. Bud was born into my family. So I have to love him… she chooses to love him and voluntarily became our family. Lol (jk he’s a good brother). So when you see a curly headed bridesmaid standing with a very tall blonde who is probably doing something annoying to her, that would be Heather.


First up is Jake’s best man, Cruz Edwards. This shouldn’t come as a shock to anyone who knows Jake. I think they’ve been inseparable since they were knee high to an inchworm. I can only write about their friendship from my perspective, but it’s my favorite whenever they’re able to get together. I never hear Jake laugh as much as times when he gets to hang out with Cruz. Their laughing spells come with the most random things… like the word ‘corn’ can cause a 30 minute laugh fest. They’re one of the only best friends I’ve ever known to live together and come out of the other side of the lease still best friends. They’re friendship is unbreakable, and I know for a fact that they would be there for each other through anything. Cruz is also one of the only people to call Jake out if he doesn’t agree with him…and I think that’s hilarious. I’ve heard so many stories about this duo that it’s difficult to pick one. I’ve always heard about them walking to each others house when they got off the bus or sitting at Jake’s house and just throwing a ball at each other for hours. They grew up in such a quaint town where everybody knows everybody, and they’ve stuck together throughout all of the different aspects of life.


Since today is his birthday, we’ll do his groomsman introduction today. Dear everyone, this is Matt or as he is better known around here at MTF… Mattman! Jake and I met Matt when he started working at MTF for a rider. I think out of their Tennessee commonality, Jake and Matt became friends. Matt and Jake grew up about an hour from each other and yet they didn’t meet until they came all the way to south Georgia for work. Matt is the type of person that you’ll meet once and swear you’ve known him your whole life. I feel like everyone in the moto community knows Matt. He’s the type of person you can trust, he’s dependable, and he’s hilarious. Yet again… another groomsman who is dependable and funny. I think we have a pattern here. It isn’t abnormal for Matt to just show up at our house, start a load of laundry, sit on the couch, and watch some TV with Jake and me. So I promise you when you meet Matt, you’ll become fast friends.


“So you may have to be in the wedding because I don’t have any other friends,” -the tremendously horrible way Jake asked Jesse and Matt to be in the wedding. Lol. They both still agreed. So I guess it all worked out in the end… or either we just assumed they agreed and conned them into our wedding anyways. Lol. Either way… this is Jesse. He’s next up on our groomsman intro. Jake and I met Jesse when he started working as a mechanic at MTF for a rider. He’s our only groomsman who isn’t from Alabama or Tennessee. Jesse hails from the state of Iowa. My first thoughts were “whoa this guy really likes SnapOn tools… as he walks up with SnapOn logos plastered head to toe… yes even the shoes. Lol. Jesse has been the type of guy to help you out whenever you need it. Jake was out of town one week, and I realized I had a flat tire… and it was raining…. and it was 7 am. Jesse came over, no questions asked, and helped get me back on the road. Yes, another dependable guy in the lineup. It wouldn’t shock me for Jake to be hanging out with Jesse for hours as they work on a car or a truck or a bike together. These two can put together anything. I also really don’t think I could thank him enough for helping me with the wedding. His dad is coming all the way from Iowa to Alabama to be our DJ.


Up next on our groomsman roster is Kenny. I think this will be the third wedding Kenny will be in this year. This speaks to the type of friend Kenny is and how well liked he is by so many. Kenny also dates Jake’s sister Emily. If there’s one thing I can say about Kenny it’s that he doesn’t meet a stranger. I’ve been in Nashville and seen Kenny stop to watch a street performer… then the next thing I know he’s standing there performing with the street performer. He doesn’t have a shy bone in his body. He’s the Cali boy with southern swag… or since he’s been in the south so long is he the southern boy with the Cali swag? Now that I think of the lineup of groomsmen, I think Jake chose dependable guys who can make you laugh. He is the type of person who will show up to your house to help you move, the person who can have you rolling laughing in a matter of seconds, the person who will have your back if junk hit the fan, and he does it all without expecting anything back in return. So if you come to the wedding and need a new best friend, just find Kenny.


This groomsman introduction is going to be easy peasy. Next up is my brother Jerald Buchanan Davies III aka Bud. Bud is my middle brother and married to my bridesmaid Heather. I was an only child, getting all the parental loving and attention to myself, until this one came along. I would like to say we were best of friends since he was born, but that would be a lie. Don’t get me wrong, I always loved him… but dagum did he drive me insane… and combined we drove our parents insane. I’m pretty sure we went on a several year hiatus of going out to eat because Bud and I couldn’t stop fighting aka he wouldn’t listen to me when I told him what to do. That’s pretty much the theme of his life. You can’t tell him what to do. He is his own person. When he makes up his mind, there’s no trying to change it. Fast forward in time, and he and I are basically besties. I don’t know what I would do without my brother. I have two younger brothers, but I call Bud by the name Brother. As a fair warning, never let Bud know your weaknesses. He will hone in on them and poke at them until he drives you nuts, all while he is getting a kick out of it. I remember one time at a race, Jake had pitted next to us. Bud took all of Jake’s stuff and hung it all over his bike. We know how OCD Jake is about his stuff, but Bud thought it was hilarious. So if you hear me hollaring for brother at the wedding, I’m looking for Bud. If you hear me hollaring for JT, I’m looking for Tommy.


And for the finale of groomsman introductions is the baby of the bunch, my big littlest brother, the one, the only, John Thomas Davies aka Tommy. What is there to say about JT? Well, he is one of a kind. There is no other like him in the world. Tommy came to us as a whoops-a-baby when mom and dad decided to go to Saint Johns and Saint Thomas, and bringing Bud and I back a tshirt wasn’t good enough. I like to think of T as my practice baby since I was nearly 12 when he came along. Barefoot Tommy has a way of making a person feel extremely special and his hugs are like those from an anaconda… once you’re in the hug, don’t fight it because they only get tighter. I instilled in Thomas at a young age that if you sit in the front seat of the car, you have to sing all the way home. So he’s definitely my road trip buddy. I can rely on him to spill out every line of Rapper’s Delight on cue. (The long version). Tommy has a funny mixture of never meeting a stranger plus being awkward. Jesse Aaron can attest to this. Tommy walked up to him at a track and asked him if he wanted a pancake. Jesse declined. Tommy then asked him if he wanted a biscuit. Jesse declined. Neither one of these food items were on plates. He was just walking around with them in his hands. So Tommy just shrugged, walked off, and began eating the pancake. Do you know the butler in Mr. Deeds? T-man is like that. One minute he is nowhere in sight, the next second he’s behind you asking you something random. Pow (a nickname Tommy and my granddad had for each other) is our teddy bear. He’s my little brother who towers over me, but who is also the most tender hearted soul you’ll ever meet… and if anyone ever hurts his feelings, I will stomp them into the ground 😇. I’m VERY protective of my Tommy. (Ps can you tell he has a lot of nicknames?)